Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms Nobles Security Systems

All fire alarm products and installations comply with the British Standard Institution’s regulations.

Noble Security Systems Fire Alarm Call PointEvery fire alarm system we design is tailored to your individual needs (and in line with your fire risk assessment), whether that’s in your home, place of work, rental properties or industrial unit. We Noble Security Systems Fire Alarm Light Up Smoke Detectoronly install the most modern systems which detect fire, smoke and sudden rises in heat, immediately sounding the alarm.

Our installations vary from simple two zone systems comprising of a few smoke detectors, through to multi-loop addressable systems with hundreds of varied devices, either can be wired or wireless.

Multi-loop addressable systems identify which detector/s have been triggered for the best chance of safe evacuation whilst informing the fire brigade of the specific location of the fire within the building. By reaching and extinguishing the fire quickly helps reduce the damage and impact which could be caused.

Noble Security Systems Fire PanelMobile notifications can be enabled to alert multiple people to evacuate he building whilst simultaneously contacting the the fire brigade. All our fire alarm installations are designed to give you, your family, employees and tenants maximum safety.

As with all our installations we aim to hide all cabling and always tidy up as we go and can provide bi-annual maintenance.

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